Presentation formats

The combined meeting of the Australian Shellfish Reef Restoration Network and the International Conference on Shellfish Restoration is pleased to accept presentation abstracts through the abstracts submission portal. The conference organisers have established a number of different formats to accommodate a range of different styles and talks, these include:

  • Oral Presentations (12 min oral presentations + 8 min question time). Standard format oral presentations given during plenary sessions. Emphasis on disseminating results from restoration projects, new research, industry collaborations, etc.;
  • Speed Talks (5 min speed talk + 5 min question time) Shorter format oral presentations  during plenary sessions with emphasis on project and/or research updates, upcoming projects, new ideas, etc.;
  • Technical Talks (12 min ‘how to’ technical talks + 8 min question time). This format is designed to be more interactive and will allow the speaker an opportunity to present a method or process that supports shellfish restoration (e.g. shoot a video in the field on your mobile phone, design a shell recycling program, engage community groups in monitoring);
  • Poster Presentations (A1 sized poster). Standard posters will be displayed throughout the duration of the conference. Note, presenters should be prepared to give a 2 min ‘marketing talk’ in the plenary sessions on why delegates should visit your poster;
  • Videos (5 mins max, to be played during break times). If you would like to show a video of your work or project, monitors showing these videos will be displayed at meal times and if time allows, these may also be shown during the plenary sessions.

All presentation types require an abstract to be submitted via the abstract submission portal (see below).

Format of Abstract

Please use this template when formatting your abstract.

How to Submit an Abstract

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To be selected to present at the conference, you are required to submit an abstract via the abstract submission websitehttp://easyabstracts.com.au/register/icsr-srrn-2017-conference

All abstracts must be submitted electronically.

Creating an author account and uploading an abstract

Prepare your abstract according to the submission guidelines and click the Submit Abstract button below these.

  1. Create an author account with EasyAbstracts
  2. Complete the online submission form
  3. Upload your abstract

EasyAbstracts will automatically append an ID number to your file name for identification.

How will I know that I have successfully uploaded my abstract?

Submitting an abstract involves two steps. Completion of the submission form and the upload of the abstract. Advice that your submission and file upload have been successful, will appear on your screen as “Your submission was saved successfully” and “The file was successfully uploaded”. You will also receive a confirmation email.

For further information including how to amend or withdraw your submission follow this link.

If you have questions please email the Conference Manager events@plevin.com.au

Photo – Ben Diggles

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