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Title: Sydney rock oyster (Saccostrea glomerata) reefs: habitat value, ecosystem services and baselines for restoration

Lead institution: TropWATER, James Cook University in partnership with The Nature Conservancy Australia and funded through the NESP Marine Biodiveristy Hub.

Description: Our goal is to directly support management and restoration objectives of existing shellfish reef restoration projects and provide baseline information for future projects. This research will also quantify some of the benefits of shellfish reefs to inform a business case for shellfish restoration in Australia. Specific research objectives include: (1) describing the distribution, morphology and structure of remnant natural S. glomerata reefs in order to develop nationally relevant baselines for the construction and deployment of new shellfish reefs, (2) describe the habitat value of S. glomerata reefs for fish and invertebrates, (3) Conduct preliminary investigations to quantify the role of S. glomerata reefs in supporting secondary productivity and improving water quality (4) describing the historical distribution of S. glomerata  reefs to identify restoration opportunities. Research efforts are focussed on the east coast of Australia.

This research is a component of a NESP-funded project ‘Underpinning the repair and conservation of Australia’s threatened coastal-marine habitats’

Contact: Dr Ian Mcleod –  (07) 4781 5474 –

Read the mid-project report (for 2016) here.

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